Kelowna Triathlon Club

20% Discount on Nutrition Products

A huge thanks to F2C for supporting all our sport performance nutrition needs!

Complementary Free Access

A huge thanks to Dynamic Cyclist for keeping our team healthy and injury free... and limber! Members will receive sign-up instructions and discount code in the members area.

15% Off All Regular Priced Items

A huge thanks to Play for keeping us well stocked with training Gear! Because, the only thing a Triathlete likes more than triathlon, is buying new gear! Discount instructions in the members area.

25% Off All Items

A huge thanks to Magic5 for allowing us to see how good we really are at swimming! 😉 Discount code in the members area

10% Off First Consult

A huge thanks to MoveMed for supporting our rehab/injury prevention efforts! Expert Running Assessment and/or Physiotherapy Services.

15% Off Recovery Services

It's all in the Recovery! Thank you to the recovery spa for putting our bodies back together and helping us train more consistently!

Kelowna Triathlon Club 2022