Join the Club

Step #1: Become a Triathlon BC and Triathlon Canada Member

You must be a current member of Triathlon BC and Triathlon Canada to Join the Kelowna Triathlon Club. The Kelowna Triathlon Club is a member organization of the Provincial Sport Organization, Triathlon BC. Our club activities are insured through the PSO and requires that all participants and coaches are active Triathlon BC Members.

Annual Fee: $65 Renewing/75.00 New Members*

Valid from January 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2021

SAVE $5.00 – KTC Tri BC Discount Code: TriBC_Club21_02667

*Prorated amounts offered by Tri BC if registering at the end of the calendar year.

Step #2: Become a Kelowna Triathlon Club Member

Kelowna Triathlon Club Member Benefits:

  1. 24/7 Access to the weekly club workouts
  2. Access to the Team Members area of the KTC website. 
  3. Access to the Team Members Only Facebook Group 
  4. Access to the Team Members Strava Group, to keep an eye on your competition 😉
  5. Discounts from our Sponsors
Annual Membership Fee: $50.00
*You must completed Step #1 and have your Triathlon BC number accessible.
Please also review COVID-19 Safety Plan Document – Click Here

Step #3: Pick Your Weekly KTC Workouts

ATTENTION: We must approve your club application and activate your account before you can register for LIVE Workouts. If you have not received approval notification in 12 hours, please contact us.

Now that you’re a KTC Member, your first opportunity to up the training is to join any of the weekly KTC workouts. These consist of weekly swim, bike, run and strength sessions.

We understand that as busy people, we all have different schedules and commitments. For this reason, there are many weekly options you can pick from that best complement your personal schedule and current training practices.  

You can build an entire training program around the weekly workouts KTC offers each week, or, just pick one or two sessions that you feel would complement your existing training. 

Currently, all weekly workouts are free and all current members are welcome to participate in any of the sessions. The bike and run sessions are currently not formally coached and we are currently not swimming until public health orders are lifted for indoor adult sports… or we’re in the lake!


Step #4: Join a Group Training Plan or Hire a Personal Coach

If you’re looking for a little extra assistance, a group training plan or personal coaching might be right for you.

  • Train with a specialized plan
  • Train with a group of CRAZY people just like you!
  • Be accountable to your coach and teammates
  • Train more effectively and safely
  • Maximize your performance while minimizing your risk of injury
  • Have Fun!

Online Individual & Group Training Plan Membership  – $25.00/Month

Online Personal Coaching – $100.00/month